November 24, 2016 President of the Assembly – Yevhen Romanenko and Executive Director of the Office of the Assembly Presidium – Irina Chaplay took part in a scientific conference with international participation “Public administration in the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development of the region”, organized within the Third annual scientific and educational exhibition “Public administration XXI» , marking to the World day of Science, held in the Kharkiv regional Institute of public administration of the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine.

To the work of scientific and practical conference was involved cathedral staff of the Institute, representatives of local authorities and local authorities, NGOs, teachers of the leading universities of the region.

In the welcoming speeches of representatives of public authorities heard words that, in terms of radical social change in the external and internal environment, Ukraine needs a new model of functioning and development of the modern state on the creation of which strategy for sustainable development are directed.

Participants noted that the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of the region makes solving of such tasks as identifying of the major conceptual approaches to the understanding of the problematic aspects of the functioning of the regions, identifying key priorities of strengthening of the principles of regional development in the context of systemic reforms in Ukraine and others.

In the border of the conference, organized to the World Day of Science, the third annual scientific and educational exhibition “Public administration XXI” is presented, which represents the achievements, current developments and opportunities of the branch “Public Administration”. The exhibition helped to establish the constructive cooperation of educational institutions with providers of public services, representatives of business structures, but also to the formation and implementation of the innovative research and educational projects, to the deepening of the international integration and cooperation in the field of public administration.

The results of the scientific conference will be published in the abstracts and reports by the separate collection.

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