Terms and conditions of publication

Conditions of publication in the collection «Public management»


            With the purpose of verification of the compliance with the requirements for the design of a scientific article of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the scientific and metric database “Scopus”, it necessarily undergoes a preliminary review procedure that includes: procedures for internal, external peer review and verification of compliance with the rules of publishing ethics.

           Article, Application, Information about the author, photo and receipt of payment for translation of the article into English are sent to the e-mail address: [email protected]. Samples of the Statement and Information about the author (s) can be downloaded by links: Application , Information about the author.

        In order to include the collection “Public management” in such authoritative world science-based, bibliographic and reference databases as SciVerse Scopus and Web of Science, the collection is published in two languages ​​(the original and in English). In print version in English, and in the electronic version – in Ukrainian (placed on the site of the public scientific organization “Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Sciences for Public Administration” http://vadnd.org.ua/ua/collection/).

Payment for publication – UAH 500. + the cost of the English-Ukrainian translation is UAH 105. per translation page. The editors reserve the right to edit the articles. The amount and requisites for payment for the translation of the article into English will be sent to the author (s), only after the article has been edited by the editorial board of the collection.

       According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “On Approval of the Procedure for the Formation of the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine” dated January 15, 2018, No. 32 from January2018, all articles in the collection are assigned an identifier of a digital object for indexing scientific articles of the DOI. This not only raises the publication activity of the collection, but also expands its ability to be represented in the well-known science-computer databases of Web of Science, Scopus.

       An indispensable condition for the publication of an article in the collection is the instructions, by each author, in Information about authors, personal numbers in the ORCID system (https://orcid.org/register) and Web of Science Reseracher ID (http: //www.researcherid .com / SelfRegistration.action).

     The file name with the electronic version of the article must necessarily contain the author’s surname and name. The article is printed with the author’s photo, which must be sent to the editorial office in a separate file in electronic format (in the image format .jpg), good quality, informal (preferably documentary, or office), not less than 800 Kb, 10×12 cm in size.

    Priority is given to publications of foreign authors and publications in English.

    Requirements for the scientific article and its design:

    The article should be written on an actual topic, contain the results of an in-depth scientific study and justification of the scientific results obtained for the purpose of the article.

The structure of the scientific article (according to the requirements of VAK):

– UDC index in the upper left corner of the sheet (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Italic)

– an empty string (Times New Roman, 14 pt.)

– Full name of the author (co-authors, not more than three), academic degree, academic title, position, place of work, address of the place of work with indication of the postal code, e-mail of the author, contact phone, width, in the language of the article (Times New Roman, 14 Fri.)

– ORCID, in the lower right corner of the sheet (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Italics)

– an empty string (Times New Roman, 14 pt.)

– title of the article – in capital letters, centered, in the language of the article (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold). The title of the article is submitted without the use of highly specialized abbreviations, a dot at the end of the title is not put;

– an empty string (Times New Roman, 14 pt.)

– Abstract structured (1800-2000 characters), including keywords in the language of the article (Times New Roman, 14 pt.).

– an empty string (Times New Roman, 14 pt);

– Keywords (3-10 words), in the language of the article (Times New Roman, 14 pt).


– an empty string (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold)

– Statement of the problem (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold)

– Analysis of recent studies and publications (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold)

– Formulation of the purposes of the article (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold)

– Statement of the main material (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold)

– Conclusions and prospects for further research (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold)

– List of sources used (Times New Roman, 14 pt., Bold).

Design of the scientific article:

  • all the statistical data must be backed up by the references on the source;

  • all quotes must be ended by the references on the source;

  • links on books and on non-fiction literature are undesirable;

  • links on own posts are not desirable and allowed only in case of urgent needs;

  • links on our magazine “with courtesy” is also undesirable and does not accelerate the adoption of articles in print in any way;

  • if in the review of the literature review or hereafter refer you recall on the name of scientist – his publication must be published in the general list of literature after the article;

  • second citation is not allowed! If you quote Kotler than the link must be exactly on Kotler, not on the author, who read Kotler;

  • in formulas only generally accepted characters are used;

  • table should be numbered, each should have a name;

  • in text generally accepted terms and terms that are often found should be given by the acronym (in the first time decoding is obligatory);

  • all pictures and graphics should be numbered and have a name;

  • format A4, font «Times New Roman», font size – 14, line spacing – 1,5; Settings page (banks) – 2 cm on all sides;

  • minimum amount of articles – 8 th. characters with spaces, maximum – 34 thousand (Article optimal size – 20-24 thousand. characters);

  • all text objects should be built with the use of Microsoft Word (Microsoft Excel Chart, Microsoft Equation etc.). In constructing graphs keep in mind that the magazine is in black and white.

Еxample of writing an article in Ukrainian and English can be downloaded here 1, 2.

Design of the references:

  1. Literary sources that are cited should be numbered in the order with the reference to them in the text. Attribution is given in brackets, for example: “… we know from [4]. … “or” … considered in [4, p 203] … “.

  2. References are given at the end of the article under the appeal procedure by the text in the original language and in accordance to DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic link. General requirements and rules of assembly ».

  3. The List of Literature in English must be designed according to the international bibliographic standard APA. In case of necessity it is possible to render services in writing the List of Literature in English.

Example of bibliography is available here.


          Article is accepted for consideration and transmitted to the internal review only with full documentation and full copyright data. Editorial reserves the right to edit and slight reductions, while maintaining as main conclusions and the author’s style. Position of the redaction g may not necessarily reflect the opinion of the individual author expressed in the article. All articles are placed on a paid basis. The average waiting time of publication (from the date of filing to the date of publication) – an average of 3-6 months (depending on seasonal load). Article of the authors, that have  arrears shall be taken only after the repayment of debt.

        More information about the collection can be found at: http://vadnd.org.ua/ua/general-information/