Scientific publications

Professional edition from law and public administration  “Expert: Paradigm of Legal Sciences and Public Administration”




Professional edition from public administration  “Scientific Bulletin: Public Administration





Printed monthly professional magazine from public administration, law, economics and psychology  “Scientific perspectives”














Professional edition from public administration electronic  “Public Administration and National Security”






Multidisciplinary international journal “Věda a perspektivy” (Czech Republic)




Professional (category B) in technical sciences journal “Latest Technologies”



Professional printed journal from law, pedagogy, economy and public administration “Scientific Innovations and Advanced Technologies ” (Series “Public Administration”, Series “Law”, Series “Economics”, Series “Psychology”, Series “Pedagogy”)



Electronic professional journal from economy, law, technology and pedagogy “Science and Technology Today” (Series “Pedagogy”, Series “Law”, Series “Economics”, Series “Technology”, Series “Physical and Mathematical Sciences”)




International collective monographs of the interdisciplinary direction “MODERNÍ ASPEKTY VĚDY” (“Modern aspects of science”)




Bulletin of Science and Education

Electronic Journal category B from philology, pedagogy, history and archeology “Bulletin of Science and Education (Series” Philology “, Series” Pedagogy “, Series” Sociology “, Series” Culture and Art “, Series” History and Archeology”)


Current issues in modern science

Printed peer-reviewed journal category B from law, pedagogy, public administration, economy, history and archeology “Actual issues in modern science” (“History” Series, “Pedagogy” Series, “Law” Series, “Economics” Series, “Technology” Series, “Public Administration” Series)