ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC, PRACTICAL CONFERENCE «Development of creative public administration»

The Annual International Scientific Conference «Development of creative public administration» is to be held on April 08, 2016 in Kiev, in Academy of Municipal Administration. Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration is co-founder of the event.

In the conference take part more than 50 participants, among them educators, civil servants, local government officials, NGO representatives, academics, journalists, representatives of international institutions, etc.

Much attention in the discussions are paid to the questions of interaction between government, communities and educational institutions in the creative process of public administration and reform of state and local governments. Creative public administration – is an activity that ensures the effective functioning of the whole system of state and local governments and provides a broad involvement of people to the real control as on the local level and on the regional and national levels. In this context, understanding of society development through the principles of democratic citizenship are divided not only educators, but also representatives of local authorities and NGOs.

From the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration in the conference take part Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Assistant Professor Yevhen Oleksandrovych Romanenko and Iryna Vitaliivna Chaplay, who made a presentation in the section «Actual problems of theory and practice of management and public administration in Ukraine» on the subject: «Findings of the national electoral standards of the European Union».

Overall, the event aims to promote the development of creative public administration in Ukraine and the creation of democratic environment in local communities through the implementation of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education into the national education system.

Reports of the participants of the plenary and breakout sessions will be placed in the collection of abstracts for the conference.

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