About participation in the SCOPUS webinar !

In order to get first hand information about the basic requirements of SCOPUS, Assembly President – Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko and scientist secretary – Iryna Vitalievna Chaplay. took part in the webinar SCOPUS. Webinar held in videoconferencing service webex.

Webinar is organized with the purpose of learning the latest developments, techniques of SCOPUS, their scientific impact.

During the webinar, the opportunities of the obtaining of the scientometrics and conduction of automated analysis of publications was  analyzed.

The workings of the Journal Analyzer, which allows to conduct the advanced analysis of scientific publications (including a comparative analysis of several publications) by four main factors are demonstrated:

  • total number of articles published in the publication during the year;

  • total number of links on the publications in other publications during the year;

  • trend of the year (the ratio of the number of references to the publication of the number of articles published in the edition);

  • percentage of articles that were cited.