About participation of the Assembly President in the 3th International Scientific Conference “Marketing Research: Tools and Technologies”

October 28, 2016 in Kiev, business center Іllіnskіy the 13th International Scientific Conference “Marketing Research: Tools and Technologies” is conducted in which took part Assembly President – Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko.

The conference was attended by the members of the leading research companies in Ukraine, and also representatives of large customers research: Coca-Cola, Nestle, «Roshen», «Eldorado», Candy Hoover Ukraine, «Cheese Club”, “Bayadera Group” and others. All conference brought together 107 participants.

The main topics of the event were devoted to the discussing of the issues of effective use of higher-level technologies and modern tools in the field of market research.

The conference was opened by its moderator – Yevgeny Viktorovych Romat, who said that: “Today, the conference has become a traditional annual event, on which are all major operators of the Ukrainian market research. Practice of the conference showed that, despite on the objective competitive contradictions that exist between research companies, market research have many common problems … “.

In welcoming speeches of the organizers heard a word about that, the event serves as the platform for the discussion of traditional intra-specific problems. Not to mention about the fact that this conference became a place of demonstrations of the latest innovative achievements of research tools and technologies. It is difficult to overestimate the role of the conference in educating customers of marketing research under conditions of radical social change in the external and internal environment. The question of the need of using of the market research in all areas of society is of particular relevance.

All without exception reports have been of the highest level. The best of these performances the audience named: Irina Lylyk General Director of the Ukrainian Marketing Association («Ukrainian research market in 2016 .: Status and Development Trends»); Andrew Dligach («Marketing research in the new world: the practice of the future»); Anna Shahdinaryan, the Manager of Internet measurement TNS CMeter («Connect with customers in a changing media environment»); Stanislav Chihlintseva, General manager, MASMI Ukraine («Digital & Research: not so simple! Instructions for removal of pink glasses!»).

All invited unanimous that a multilateral exchange of views will certainly give real impetus to the further development of marketing in Ukraine.





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