Congratulations to Gurkovskii Volodymyr Igorovych, Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor with his birthday!

Картинки по запросу вітання колезі професору з днем народження

           Today, our colleague, Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, professor, Gurkovskiy Vladimir Igorevich anniversary, 40 years.

           Congratulations to you, dear Volodymyr Igorevich, on the anniversary!

           Your professionalism and hard work have made a significant contribution to the development of public administration science, which makes your labor path an example for imitation among colleagues and students.

            We wish you good health, inexhaustible forces and energy, well-being, wisdom, patience!

            We sincerely believe that your professionalism, optimism and life experience will bring new creative and professional achievements.

            Let you always be surrounded by like-minded people, who are able to put into action the most daring plans.Family comfort, harmony and well-being in your home.




Doctor of science in public administration, professor

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine E.O. Romanenko