Congratulations of Yevhen Romanenko with the day of housing and communal services workers and consumer services

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Dear employees of housing and communal services and consumer services!


Congratulations on your professional holiday!
There are no other branches that would be so closely associated with providing comfortable living conditions, providing life to enterprises and institutions, hospitals and schools. The well-being of each home, every family depends largely on the quality of the services provided by you, on your professionalism and responsibility.
Probably there is no person who does not need your modern, qualified services. By introducing new approaches, mastering modern technologies and enhancing your professionalism, you will undoubtedly bring confidence and stability into our everyday lives.
Let your daily conscientious work find grateful feedback from your fellow countrymen!
We sincerely wish you good health, well-being, peace, good and festive mood from the heart.


President               Ye.O. Romanenko