Congratulations to Еvhen Romanenko with the Happy Youth Day!

Картинки по запросу з Днем молоді


Dear young people!

Congratulations with the Happy Youth Day.
You are a new generation of a sovereign state, the descendants of the heroic past of the Ukrainian people, which overcame centuries-old path to gaining independence. The right to live on the native land, to study, work, dream and build plans for tomorrow is a great happiness and a great responsibility. Upon perfection, striving for personal success, remember that your fates are tied together and will be inserted into the new history of Ukraine.
Be active, purposeful, initiative. Let the energy of youth be a source of inspiration for your good endeavors, make you self-sufficient, successful and happy people.
I wish you good health, good mood and cheerful spirit.


President of the Assembly           E.O. Romanenko