Congratulations of Yevhen Romanenko with the Day of Unity and Freedom of Ukraine!

Вітання з Днем Соборності України – Летичівська ОТГ


Dear Colleagues!


Congratulations with the Day of Unity and Freedom of Ukraine!

This holiday was officially established in 1999, given the great political and historical significance of the unification of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic for the formation of a single (conciliar) Ukrainian state. In 2011, the Day of Unity was combined with the Freedom Day, which was previously celebrated on November 22, under the name “Day of Unity and Freedom of Ukraine”. However, in 2014, by presidential decree, the holiday was restored as the Day of Unity of Ukraine.

In the Ukrainian national calendar, the date of January 22 occupies one of the leading places. Thus, on January 22, 1918, the Universal of the Central Rada proclaimed the independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. A year later, on January 22, 1919, in Kyiv Square on Sofia Square, the Act of Unification (unification) of Ukrainian lands into a single Ukraine was proclaimed. – into a single conciliar Ukrainian state.We are a beautiful nation, we are a very talented nation, we are a very hard-working nation, and I am convinced that our future is bright, our future is good, beautiful and therefore I want to wish that we often mention it more often, smiling at each other.

In order for us to have a future in which we believe that our children have good chances in their country for self-realization. And so that we each day enjoy life.



Doctor of science in public administration,


Honored Lawyer of Ukraine               Ye.A. Romanenko