A monograph”Research on investment and innovation activity in Ukraine: trends and problems” was published by Anatoly Ivanovych Bogdanenko .

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Under the auspices of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, a monograph was published “Research on investment and innovation activity in Ukraine: trends and problems” by Anatoly Ivanovych Bogdanenko .
The monograph was reviewed by prominent scholars in public administration: E.O. Romanenko – Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor; O.M. Nepomnyashchiy – Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor; I.V. Chaplay – Ph.D. in Public Administration.
The key feature of the monograph is that, solving the disturbed problem, rationally combined both the theoretical and applied aspects, as evidenced by the involvement in the statistical and economic analysis of a huge array of empirical information and its processing with the use of a wide range of modern methods. Based on the systematic approach, the author considers the theoretical aspects of investment activity in Ukraine and zodrine, its essence and main problems are determined. The revealed forms of investment relations made it possible to formulate their specific features. The influence of the level of investments on the development of the economy is assessed and the urgent need for improvement of financial mechanisms for the implementation of investment activity, in particular, on the basis of decentralization processes of the powers of state authorities, is proved. It is determined that the current situation in the market of investment activity shows the importance of finding new methodological approaches to the formation of sources of financing of the economy.
The work is full of interesting statistical material, which greatly facilitates the perception of the results of analytical research and conclusions.

The monograph can be found here.
We sincerely congratulate our colleagues on the release of this monograph.