III International Scientific and Practical Conference “WTO Membership: Prospects for Scientific Research and International Technology Market”, Amman (Jordan)



            October 17-19, 2018 Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration held, together with the Regional Academy of Management (Kazakhstan), the European Science Foundation «Institute for Innovation» (Poland), Regional Centre for European Innovation (Poland), the National Institute of Economic Research (Georgia), East European Institute (RUSSIA Federation) University of Economics and business (Kazakhstan) and Tarazskym innovative humanitarian University (Kazakhstan), an ІІІ international scientific-practical conference “Membership in the WTO: prospects of the scientific research and international technology market”, Amman (Jordan).

        Participants in the event was academics, representatives of government, civil society, young people from Germany, the United States, and also a number of European countries (Germany, Ukraine, Belarus) and Asia (India, Israel, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan).

        In the welcoming speeches of the representatives of public authorities heard the word about the need of integration into the world economic community and was expressed hope for the further providing of the effective mechanisms for ensuring the legal protection of investments and innovations, creative and scientific potential.

         At the event, reports were presented that provided a good theoretical basis for improving the quality of activities of enterprises and organizations in various fields of science.

         The participants noted that today  there are three main benefits of WTO membership: a) strengthening of domestic economic policies and institutions for international trade in goods and services, which is a preliminary requirement for completing the WTO accession; b) facilitated and guaranteed access to major export markets; and c) access to WTO mechanisms for resolving trade disputes.

        By the results of the scientific conference the edition of abstracts and reports will be published  by the separate collection.