About participation in the International scientific-practical conference «Актуальные проблемы глобализации»

Copy_of_green_economy_graph_earthAugust 29, 2016 President of the Assembly – Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko and scientific secretary – Iryna Vitalievna Chaplay took part in the International scientific-practical conference «Актуальные проблемы глобализации», which was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, and made a presentation on the topic: «Essence and procedure of development of the product strategy».

         The conference was organized by the editorial board of the journal «Economics and Finance», with the participation of: University of Zilina (Slovakia), Cracow University of Economics (Poland), Alfred Nobel University (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), Ural State University of Railway Transport (Ekaterinburg, Russian), Ukrainian state University of chemical Technology (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), Poltava state agrarian Academy (Poltava, Ukraine) and others.

         The purpose of the conference: the constructive discussion of the problems of political, economic, social and socio-cultural development of countries in the global context, and as a result, synthesis and dissemination of scientific and practical developments about their solutions.

         A notable feature of this conference was not only the fact that it was organized with the involvement of scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates, students, representatives of public authorities, local government, the public, business and the media from the Greece, Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria , Slovakia et al., but also, and mainly, the fact that its members have paid considerable attention to the relevant for society, for the common people, the practical aspects of the development of recommendations and proposals for state entities to ensure the sustainable development of countries.

         Participants noted that sustainable development indicators are designed to provide substantiation of criteria for decision-making at all levels of government that will ensure self-sustainability of the system of nature-society.

         However, during the discussions, it has been concluded that in the world today there is no single common system of sustainable development indicators. Each country that implements this strategy has its own set of sustainability indicators.

         In Ukraine, at the present time, these indicators are not systematized, which requires the development of future solutions and associated activities.

         More information about the conference can be found on the official website: http://conf.at.ua/