About participation in the V Annual Scientific and Practical Conference “EUROPEAN INTEGRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBAL globalization PROCESSES”


December 15, 2016 in the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine V Annual Scientific and Practical Conference “EUROPEAN INTEGRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBAL globalization PROCESSES”, which was attended by Assembly President, Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Associated Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine – Evgeny Romanenko and Executive Director of the Presidium of the Assembly PhD of  Public Administration – Irina Chaplay with the report on the topic  “FUNDAMENTALS oF FORMING OF BUILDING cLUSTER in the Kiev region”.

The purpose of the conference: systematization of scientific knowledge from the questions of  international relations and discussing of the current issues of Ukraine’s integration into the global and European space, determination of the mechanisms and instruments of its security, generalization of international experience and making recommendations to addressing of the existing problems.

The event was attended by government officials, officials of local governments, scientists, experts, academics, doctoral, postgraduate degrees, representatives of political parties, NGOs and the media, and other interested parties.

Participants discussed actual issues of economic reforms in the context of European integration, ways of their solutions, on the basis of using of the foreign and domestic experience and best practices; analyzed the features of the national interests of Ukraine in conditions of the formation of a multipolar world; identified socio-cultural factors in the context of Ukraine’s European aspirations; suggested ways of improving the process of European integration of Ukraine, in the light of the regional dimension of international cooperation.

After the event, from the side of participants heard a wish to continue the practice of conduction on the department of similar measures, including meetings in the form of discussion club meetings or roundtable.