Concerning the intensification of cooperation with the members of the Assembly in 2018

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«Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of sciences in public administration»

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To the Heads of Separated Subdivisions of the
Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Sciences
in public administration

Dear colleagues!


              We inform you that for 3 years of the Assembly’s work, it has become a powerful scientific organization that confidently develops international cooperation and multiplies the positive image of the state administration of Ukraine in the world!

             The Assembly organized and conducted more than 40 scientific conferences, at various levels, among them international and all-Ukrainian scientific conferences. The Assembly staff pays considerable attention to cooperation with educational and cultural institutions, public organizations and professional associations whose activities are public administration. Today, the partners of the Assembly are the leading public institutions of Canada, Georgia, Poland, Kazakhstan. Members of the Assembly annually publish more than 100 scientific papers in specialized publications and conferences materials on various areas of public administration.

          We are asking you to cooperate more actively with us in 2018. Please send us information about your participation in scientific events, the publication of books, international relations, and the creative achievements of members of your divisions. Information will be posted on the Assembly site.

         Send information to: [email protected]

        The information provided by you will help to establish contacts between scientists in the field of public administration and to find the necessary information about their activities.

        Thank you in advance!





Doctor of Science in Public Administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                                             Y.A. Romanenko