A member of the NGO “VADND” Peter Kukharchuk presented the book of lyric etudes “Agape”

On the eve of the Christian feast of the Holy Trinity, in the format of the literary platform “United word”, at the editorial office of the newspaper “Galicia”, a presentation of the book of small prose, member of the NGO “VADND” of the Ukrainian writer Petro Kukharchuk “Agape” was held. The author of the epigraph to this volume devoted to love, written with love and in the name of love, said the following words: “Having found your agape – a merciful love that helps us overcome the difficulties of everyday life, fractures of the bones and cyst in the thyroid glands every day, we all bodily and mental obstacles we grind “.

More about this link: https://galychyna.if.ua/analytic/petro-kuharchuk-iz-zhitomira-prezentuvav-u-svitlitsi-galichini-knizhku-lirichnih-etyudiv-agape/?fbclid=IwAR2ntuo0RJVQQXXBCAIpL-LsXQG4YBgBaQgc6W2MlM74n4UB9kuTea3wXHo