Has begun receiving of articles to № 3 (8) of publication “Public management”

Обложка Публічне урядування 2

Dear authors!

            I appeal to You with the information that has begun receiving of articles to № 3 (8) of publication “Public management” and invite You to post and contribute to filling the collection.

            Today, the collection is one of the leading information and analytical resources in public administration. Since the release of the collection, it has published more than 140 scientific articles, actual circulation of each issue reaches 300 copies, which provides information support active international and national scientific communities.

            Dynamics of publications in the collection, each year, steadily increased.

      The collection is included in the list of scientific professional publications from public administration (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 10.05.2017 № 693).

      The collection is reviewed in the international databases scientometric Index Copernicus, РИНЦ, КиберЛенинка, and in the national database “Україніка наукова” and in the Ukrainian refereed journal “Джерело”. Currently, our collection is ongoing monitoring base Web of Science, and from November 2017 will monitor base SciVerse Scopus, which gives hope for the second half of 2017, formally enter the database.

            Information on the collection site: http://vadnd.org.ua/ua/general-information/

            Thanks in advance.


Chief editor,

Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine, Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the Defense of Candidate Dissertations of Public Administration of Interregional Academy of Personnel Y.A. Romanenko