Congratulations to Eevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko with the Old New Year!

Зі Старим Новим Роком! – Скварявська ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів

Dear Colleagues!

I congratulate you with the Old New Year!

Old New Year is a rare historical phenomenon, an additional holiday that appeared as a result of a change in chronology. This holiday is celebrated mainly in those countries where the Orthodox Church continues to use the Julian calendar. Earlier in Russia used the Julian calendar, consisting of 12 months, the names of which were associated with natural phenomena. By the twentieth century, the calendar of the Russian Empire (which included the territories of Ukraine) was 13 days behind Europe, which had long since switched to the Gregorian calendar. To reduce this gap, in 1918 a decree of the Council of People’s Commissars made the transition to the Gregorian calendar – a new style, and January 14 – St. Basil’s Day – turned out to be the old New Year.

May this holiday bring prosperity, fulfillment of all desires, strengthen faith in the future, and success accompanies all undertakings, always and in everything.

I wish you peace, harmony, patience, kindness, happiness!

So that love and warmth reign in families!

Yours faithfully,

President of the Assembly      E.A. Romanenko