Dear colleagues!


On behalf of the editorial of the collection «Public management» I express sincere gratitude to You for the sending of the articles to the № 4 (5). Once the collection will be edited in the publishing house, we will send it to You.

I appeal to You with the information that started receiving of the articles to the № 1 (6) of the collection «Public management» and ask You to send articles and contribute to the filling of the collection.

Information about the collection on the site:

The deadline for submission of the materials – March 01, 2017.

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, I congratulate You and wish You good health, happiness, family harmony, prosperity and many new ideas and professional achievements in your difficult, responsible work!


Chief Editor,

President of the Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Science in Public Administration,

Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor,

Academician of the International Academy of Personnel and

Ukrainian Technological Academy,

Honorary Doctor of the National Institute of

Georgian Economic Research,

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                 Y.A. Romanenko