The leadership of the Assembly participated in the conference, which discussed issues of public administration of social development

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December 01, 2017 in the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine Scientific-practical conference “LEGAL ASPECTS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Theory and Practice” held, in which take part President of the Assembly – Eugene Romanenko and Executive Director of the Presidium of the Assembly – Irina Chaplay.

The conference was attended by scientists, academics, civil servants, officials of local governments, doctoral students, graduate students, the media and others.

The purpose of the event is to discuss and highlight the main theoretical and methodological and organizational and legal principles of social development management.

The conference program, covering the most up-to-date scientific problems of public administration, covered the following issues:

 Economic instruments for managing social development.

 Social protection and social security of man and society.

 Socio-political space of the present: problems and prospects of development.

 Policy on the development of education, culture, physical culture and sports, health care in the context of implementing sectoral reforms.

Special attention was paid to the problem of systematization of scientific knowledge from the questions of legal regulation of public service and service in local government.

The participants noted that, at the present stage of development of Ukraine as a democratic, social and legal state, there is urgent need of generalization of domestic and European experience of legal support activities of state and local government agencies, the development of proposals for the reformation of the public administration, in the context of European integration of Ukraine.

According to the results of the scientific-practical conference, a collection of abstracts and reports will be published by  a separate collection.

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