Картинки по запросу вітання з днем незалежності україни

Dear colleagues!

         I congratulate you on the outstanding state holiday – the Independence Day of Ukraine!

       This remarkable day of the establishment of democracy of our people became a turning point in history. The date of August 24, 1991 forever changed the thoughts and views of people who strived for freedom and independence, became a powerful stimulus for productive, inspired work for the sake of a better future, peace and prosperity.

      The key to state-building success is in the agreement, responsibility, in the unification of the efforts of every Ukrainian, and thus – to millions of citizens of a free and independent country.

      I hope that by good faith we will be able to strengthen the strength and glory of the Fatherland.

      I sincerely wish you good health, family happiness, peace, mutual understanding, harmony and well-being!

      Let every day of your life be full of joy, warmth and add to the inspiration and creative achievements in the name of the prosperity of our independent Motherland!

        Believe in yourself! Believe in Ukraine! Happy Independence Day!


President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors

of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine,

Head of the Department of Public Administration of the

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor,

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                   Evgeny Aleksandrovych Romanenko