Invitation to the participation in the IIAS Conference

Dear colleagues!

             Ukrainian Assembly of doctors  of Science in Public Administration is a corporate member of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (hereinafter – IIAS).

             IIAS from August 30 to September 1, 2017 will hold a conference in Milan.

            The conference aims to bring together leading practitioners, researchers, graduate students and young researchers governance for consideration at the expert-level scientific, strategies, methods and tools sector reform through the introduction of European approaches.

           The results of the event will be published in the collection of abstracts for presentation materials in which everybody can participate.

          More information on the conference can be found here:


Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine, Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the Defense of Candidate Dissertations of Public Administration of Interregional Academy of Personnel









      Y.A. Romanenko