NGO “VADND” was co-organizer of the Creative Evening of the Ukrainian School of Archetype “Jungian Quest”

Картинки по запросу украинская школа архетипики

NGO “VADND” was co-organizer of the Creative Evening of the Ukrainian School of Archetype “Yungian quest ” dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Ukrainian School of Archetype, the 70th Anniversary of the Scientific Leader of the Ukrainian School of Archetypics, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor Afonin Edward Andreevich, and the 100th Anniversary of Carl Jung’s Ideas , which took place on November 29, 2018
At the creative evening, it was discussed that a certain theoretical heuristic potential entails a hypothesis that can be formulated on the ideas of Imaginer Professor Grenoble University Gilbert Duran (France) and the theory of phased formation of mental actions of the Kharkov citizen Petr Halperin (Ukraine). In particular, we can assume that the archetypal space of the collective unconscious “historically pulsates”. In the era of Modern (as well as the Renaissance, Greek antiquity), on the background of “curtailing” the social and institutional space space of collective unconscious. The accumulated potential of the collective unconscious in the postmodern age (through the mediation of a rational type of people) serves as a source of innovative development of the social-institutional space. Also, the participants of the event noted a strong research potential carrying the results of their monitoring research. Therefore, their dissemination and encouragement to their use in their scientific researches of Ukrainian School of Archetypicsparticipants will positively affect the development of the Ukrainian School of Archetypics. The event was congratulated by the President of the NGO “VADND” Romanenko Ye.O. who noted that the conduct of the Yungian quest contributed to the formation of a general strategy of reforms in Ukrainian society, which would allow Ukraine to become a self-sufficient subject of geopolitical space, as well as the establishment of a series of business contacts, expansion professional relations and business relations and inspiration in scientific and innovative activities.