Congratulations with the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


Dear warriors, defenders!


Congratulations with the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

This holiday has a rich and glorious history, it is a symbol of courage and dedication, dignity and honor, loyalty to civic duty and patriotism.

Everyone whose life’s life has become the protection of our country, deserves the warmest, sincere words of gratitude for my work. At all times in Ukraine, the people who enjoyed uniform were not only high-profile words, they enjoyed their respect. We, the Ukrainians, can rightly be proud of the defenders of our Motherland, professionals of our business, those who stand by our security, on guarding the peaceful life of our children.

On this festive day, we express our sincere gratitude to those who devoted their lives to the noble cause of the service of the Motherland, making it their profession, as well as those who through peaceful work strengthen our national wealth.

We sincerely wish you good health, happiness, family well-being, joy and success in all endeavors, optimism and vigor, so that we always go forward – to new projects and new achievements!



President of the Ukrainian Assembly

of Doctors of Science in Public Administration        Y.A. Romanenko