Congratulations of Evhen Romanenko with Victory Day!

Картинки по запросу вітаю з 9 травня

Dear colleagues!

Please accept my sincere congratulations with this great day, which embodies pride in the glorious past, its unparalleled pages and filial duty to be worthy of the feat of the defenders and liberators of the Motherland!
Let us bow our heads and remember those who fought for the freedom of our people, living and dead, glorified and forgotten, buried with honors and not buried. Let’s leave the rhetoric, let’s go deeper into ourselves, our memory and our conscience. Perhaps it is then that we will feel the echo of the past, the echo of its generations with the present, we will see what does not quarrel and alienate, but unites and unites, does not humiliate, but elevates our common dignity!
May peace, tranquility and goodness always reign in our blessed land!
Good health, happiness, success.

President                 E. Romanenko