Congratulations of Evgenii Romanenko with Palm Sunday!

Красиві привітання з Вербною неділею у віршах та прозі - Новости на KP.UA


Dear Colleagues!

I congratulate you with Palm Sunday!
Palm Sunday is celebrated annually by Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants. This holiday refers to those that do not have a clear date and each year can be celebrated on a different day. Although the number is different and it is always the seventh day of the week, it is the last Sunday before Easter.
The history of this holiday is described in the Holy Scriptures. On this day, Jesus Christ resurrected the deceased Lazarus at Bethany. This unique case became known thanks to eyewitnesses who spread the news of the miracle with lightning speed.
Therefore, when Jesus came to Jerusalem, people were surprised, amazed, joyful, therefore they greeted him with honors: they sang songs in his honor, threw various flowers, palm branches and even their own clothes under their feet in order to touch them to the miracle that was embodied in face of Jesus Christ. But since on the territory of Europe, including Ukraine, where the Christian population predominates, palm trees do not grow, and willow is a common tree that carries a certain symbol of spring, then since the days of Kievan Rus it has become an indispensable attribute of the holiday.
On this bright spring holiday of Palm Sunday, I wish everyone peace in their souls, prosperity in the house, pure aspirations and thoughts, as well as warmth and harmony with loved ones.
May the Lord protect you and your loved ones from troubles, always lead you on the right path and help in the implementation of all hopes and good undertakings!

Yours faithfully,
President             Evgenii Romanenko