Congratulations of Yevhen Alexandrovich Romanenko with journalist’s day!

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Dear journalists!

I sincerely congratulate you with your professional holiday, Journalist Day!

Journalism is not just a profession, but above all – a state of mind, the creative impulses of which make you a kind of verdict of eternal search and anxiety. The journalistic profession is interesting, hard and at the same time extremely responsible, because you always have to be at the epicenter of events, promptly and truthfully convey information to people, deeply comprehend and analyze everything that happens.

I express to you words of gratitude for the loyalty of the profession, wisdom.

I wish you stability in life, creative success, inspiration.

May the awareness of the importance and necessity of your work for the development of society provide you with the strength to perform a noble cause.

I wish you happiness, health, creative accomplishments,  life optimism, vigor and good mood!


Assembly President,

Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine     Ye.A. Romanenko