Congratulations of the Yevgen Alexandrovich Romanenko – President of the Assembly on the Day of Kyiv!

Dear colleagues!


         I sincerely congratulate all of you on the Day of the Kyiv, the feast of all who are born and raised here, who once came to stay permanently in the city with the special colors, traditions and glorious history!

         Let grows and prospers our favorite city! Let happiness, love and abundance of live on each of his street, in every home, every family, bringing all us into a cohesive and a willing community!

          I sincerely wish You and Your family good health, prosperity, family happiness, and peace!


Head of the Department of Public Administration of the

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors

of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine

Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor,

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                          Evgeny Aleksandrovych Romanenko