Congratulations to the President of the Assembly, Romanenko Yevhen Alexandrovich, with the Day of Constitution of Ukraine!

Dear colleagues!

         I congratulate You on the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine!

        This is a special holiday for me and I think for every Ukrainian, because this day is the reference point and of the democratic and legal state.

        The adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine June 28, 1996 was a landmark event in the history of the independent Ukraine. From this time, a basic act entered into force, that not only occupied a central place in the legal system of the country, but also identified the social and political structure of the independent state, recognized the fundamental rights, freedoms and duties of citizens delineate responsibilities of different branches of government expanded powers local authorities and others.

     We want to see our country strong, prosperous and developed. Only by combining efforts, we will overcome any difficulties and achieve this goal.

    I sincerely wish You good health, prosperity, family happiness, and peace!


President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

Doctor of science in public administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine







      Y.A. Romanenko