Congratulations of the President of the Assembly with the Mother’s Day!

Картинки по запросу з днем матері

Dear our mothers, dear ladies!

On May 12, our country celebrates a family holiday – Mother’s Day. It finds the response in everyone’s heart, helps us feel deeply the holiness of the mission of a woman associated with the birth and upbringing of children.
This holiday is a great opportunity to pay tribute to a woman who is the embodiment of love, kindness and mercy.
In the word “mom” there is love and hope, strength and inspiration, clarity, warmth and comfort. Mentally happy is the man who cares for his mother’s hands and kind words not only in childhood. Maternal love makes us stronger, helps to overcome hardships and believe in success.
Dear women, beloved mom! I sincerely congratulate you on Happy Mother’s Day!
Let your relatives and loved ones always care about you, let each day begin with a smile. Always stay the best, understanding, responsive and beloved!

President of the Ukrainian Assembly
Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration Ye.O. Romanenko