Congratulations of the Assembly President with the Constitution Day !

Картинки по запросу з днем конституцыъ

Dear colleagues!


Actively congratulate you with the Constitution Day – one of the main state holidays in Ukraine.

The Constitution of Ukraine, adopted on June 28, 1996, not only consolidated the state sovereignty of Ukraine, democratic principles of social order and power, but also determined the vector of further development of the country, became the guideline for successful socio-economic transformations.

Constitutional norms are firmly established in the everyday lives of Ukrainian citizens. Relying on the provisions of the Basic Law, we seek to strengthen peace and harmony in society, create the necessary conditions for the realization of creative potential of the individual, to ensure the welfare of each person.

Follow the spirit and letter of the Basic Law – the civic duty of everyone. From this depends stability, peace, harmony, welfare of the people and prosperity of the country.

On this day, accept the sincere wishes of good health, happiness and new achievements for the good of the Fatherland. Let the bright feast bring our well-being and confidence to our homes in the future.



Doctor of science in public administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine              Ye.A. Romanenko