International Scientific Conference “Modern Aspects of Modernization of Education in Ukraine: State, Problems, Development Trends” was held

On December 07, 2018, the International Scientific Conference “Modern Aspects of Modernization of Education in Ukraine: State, Problems, Development Trends” was held at IAPM on the 30th anniversary of the IAPM, co-organizer of which was the public scientific organization  «Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Sciences in Public Administration”.

The speakers of the communicative meeting were scientists, directors / deputies of schools, heads of preschool institutions, managers and general administrators, post-graduate students, students, and representatives of the public.

The conference was opened by the Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, professor Romanenko Eugene Alexandrovich, who in his speech described the directions of increasing the efficiency of higher education in the field of public administration and administration in Ukraine in a globalizing environment.

Bidzyura Ivan Pavlovich, Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Affairs and Social Sciences of the IAPM, addressed the participants of the conference with a welcome speech, who emphasized the importance of carrying out scientific and practical conferences devoted to the issues of preparing heads of educational and scientific institutions to improve the main directions of management of the educational process. in Ukraine.

Also, the conference was greeted by the head of the department of political science, sociology and social work of the IAPM Golovatiy Nikolay Fedorovich and the head of the department of vocational education and management of the educational establishment of the IAPM Chaplay Irina Vitalievna.

The participants of the conference reported on the main aspects of internationalization of higher education in the context of modern economic and social realities on the competitiveness of educational services in the context of modernization of education.

Also, during the communicative event the questions of foreign experience of forming modern approaches and innovative methods of the process of studying in general educational institutions were considered: foreign experience and domestic features, the question of formation of professional competences of the teacher in the process of general educational activity of the school.

Participants and attendees of the conference took part in debates, during which they discussed the need for organizing and conducting free training seminars for studying and implementing educational programs aimed at increasing the professional skills of teachers and the level of development of their pupils. The participants received qualified advice on creating an effective educational multidimensional environment that takes into account the individual characteristics, inclinations and abilities of students, since the effectiveness of the educational process is determined not by what the teacher does, but by the fact that under his guidance and with the help of students do it themselves and with curiosity, what is the product of individual and collective activity.

In addition, participants presented a program of advanced training courses for teachers of educational and scientific institutions “Reality of the Impossible: School without Problems”.

The conference promoted not only the exchange of ideas and the testing of scientific theoretical work, but also a good opportunity for informal communication and the establishment of professional contacts.

According to the results of the event, a resolution with recommendations and a collection of abstracts materials was prepared.