The Assembly acted as co-organizer of the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Quality Management: Search and Decision”, which took place in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 27-29, 2018.

The Assembly, together with leading international scientific institutions, co-organized the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Quality Management: Search and Solutions”, which was held in Casablanca (Morocco) on November 27-292018. The conference was organized by the Regional Academy of Management.

The urgency of the problematic for holding a scientific-practical conference is beyond doubt, since the characteristic feature of the functioning of society and the state at the present stage is the increasing role of management in government, economics, law.

Scientists, young scientists, graduate students and students of leading higher educational institutions and institutions took part in the scientific and practical conference.

The participants of the event noted that the effective functioning of modern society and state institutions is impossible without a balanced system of quality management solutions, the improvement of which occurs under the influence of the actual national and integration processes.

Abstracts of scientific reports raised topical issues of sustainable growth and development, the problems of determining the factors and criteria for the effectiveness of standardization, certification and quality management of goods and services, current problems of state and local government, and the like.

The selected topic of the scientific-practical conference served as a fertile ground for the exchange of views on this issue. In connection with the relevance of the issues raised, a collection of abstracts and reports of the conference participants will be published on the results of the conference.

From the Assembly in the conference was attended by its President Romanenko E.A. and the Executive Director of the Presidium of the Assembly, Chaplay I.V.