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Valery Danilovich Bakumenko

Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor

Pensioner. Honored leader of science and techniques of Ukraine, Honorary Doctor of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, the civil servant of the 2 rank, academician of the 3 international (legal, political and socio-economic) and 2 national (with governance and environmental) Academies.


Problems of hybrid modeling of electrical and district heating systems - 05.13.13, 1975

Theoretical and methodological bases of formation of the state-management decisions - 25.00.01, 2001

The public administration, including state administration and local government, environmental development
  1. More than 550 publications, including encyclopedia, Encyclopedic Dictionary, a basic textbook on Public Administration, 14 monographs, 5 dictionaries, directories, international textbook "Environmental Economics", 21 patents, more than 20 training manuals and so on. To the 70th anniversary "Selected Works" in the 4- volumes and the manual "Features of public administration" was published.