Abouy conduction of the annual scientific conference for young scientists and students «PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: current state and prospects of development»





November 30, 2016 the Assembly conducted, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kiev city council, Slavutych City Council, Vyshgorod City Council, Academy of Municipal Administration, Tavriya National University named after V.I. Vernadsky, National University of Water and Environment, Kiev University of Culture, an annual scientific conference for young scientists and students «PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: current state and prospects of development», that held in the Academy of Municipal Administration.

From the Assembly in the conference took part, Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Associate Professor Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko and Iryna Vitalievna Chaplay, who made a presentation on the topic “scientific organization of labor and management in construction”.

In a welcoming speech of the organizers of the conference heard words that, in terms of reforming of public administration in Ukraine, the introduction of new management practices in the overall system of state building are in special importance. Solving of this problem requires conduction of scientific research of the conceptual apparatus of public administration, the existing models of organization of state and local government.

In his speech Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko, stressed that the implementation of the public administration in Ukraine causes address of such priorities as: identification of major conceptual approaches to understanding the problematic aspects of the functioning of public authorities, identification of key priorities the establishment of universal principles of social justice and responsibility in the context of systemic reforms in Ukraine and others.

Selected areas of the conference contributed to the fruitful discussions and exchange of views on the effective use of new management methods and technologies and provide a real opportunity for further development of public administration in Ukraine.

The results of the scientific conference will be published in the abstracts and reports by the separate collection.

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