The National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine is 25 years old!

Національна академія державного управління при Президентові ...

Congratulations to the management, staff, faculty, students and students of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine on the 25th anniversary of its founding!

NAPA under the President of Ukraine is not only one of the most authoritative scientific institutions of the country in the field of public administration, but also the most important center of innovative research and intellectual culture, the cradle of Ukrainian statehood, which enjoys a reputation in the country and beyond.

In the NAPA treasury there are notable scientific publications that are read with interest and discussed; major international scientific forums, which have repeatedly gathered guests from many continents; honorary national and international awards. But the main wealth of the National Academy, of course, its talented scientists, experienced, young researchers – the true descendants of the millennial tradition of public administration and socio-political thought of Ukraine and those who today hold high leadership positions in our country.

We wish all the employees of the National Academy, all those whose destiny is connected with its activity, as well as those who studied in postgraduate and doctoral studies, defended their dissertations, discussed their scientific works with this glorious anniversary!

Health, luck and prosperity for many years to come!



President of the Ukrainian Assembly of

Doctors of Sciences in Public Administration                  Ye.O. Romanenko