With the day of the Holy Trinity!

Вітання Євгена Олександровича Романенка із Трійцею! | Громадська ...


Dear colleagues!

Congratulations with the day of the Holy Trinity!

For the first time, the apostles, who were disciples of the Son of God, decided to celebrate the Trinity. On this holiday, they wanted to commemorate the great event when the Holy Spirit descended on them. At that time, they had been praying in Zion’s room for 50 days. Therefore, the first Christian church appeared on this place.
After the descent of the Holy Spirit, the apostles found the ability to speak in the tongues of the world to carry the word of God to different countries. Interestingly, the students learned to heal and predict the future. The apostles fulfilled their purpose and went around the world to tell about the life of the Lord and his painful death for the sins of all mankind.
The Trinity was first officially celebrated in 381, when the Second Ecumenical Council was convened in Constantinople, where the dogma of the equality of all persons of God was approved. The ancient Slavs paid attention to the Trinity only 300 years after the baptism of Russia, in the late XIII – early XIV centuries.
On this bright holiday, I wish everyone peace of mind, prosperity in the house, pure aspirations and thoughts, as well as warmth and harmony with loved ones.
May the Lord protect you and your loved ones from troubles, always lead you on the right path and help you to realize all your hopes and good deeds!

President of the Assembly, Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Professor                    E.O. Romanenko