Congratulations with the holiday of Ivan Kupala!

Картинки по запросу зі святом івана купали

Dear Colleagues!

I congratulate you with the holiday of Ivan Kupala.
The Kupala holiday is one of the ancient (pre-Christian) holidays of the Eastern Slavs,  traditional holiday that, after the introduction of Christianity, was celebrated on the night before Ivanov’s day, June 24. Now he is again tied to the solstice. Due to the introduction of the Gregorian calendar at the state level, and at the level of the Orthodox Church, the holiday according to the Christian reference began to fall on the night of July 7, which is much further from the real solstice, which occurs on June 23, 22 or sometimes on June 21. The modern name of the holiday includes the name of the Christian Saint John the Baptist. The quintessence of the holiday is purification with the help of fire and water – an ancient form of magical action. One of the four major holidays in the solar calendar.
Let this mysterious and fiery holiday bring you a little magic, fire into your life, give you faith in the wonderful and amazing.
I wish you good health, happiness, inspiration, creative strength, a sense of completeness and uniqueness of life.

Yours faithfully,
Assembly President        E.A. Romanenko