We invite to send articles to the collection “Public management” to № 6 (16) – December 2018.

Dear colleagues!

Іnformed that the acceptance of articles in № 5 (15) – September 2018 of the collection “Public management” has ended, and we invite those who wish to send articles to № 6 (16) – December 2018.

The deadline for submission of articles in Issue 6 (16) – December 2018 of the collection – November 10, 2018.

For more information on the conditions of publication in the collection, please see: http://vadnd.org.ua/ua/terms-and-conditions-of-publication/

We hope for fruitful cooperation!

Yours faithfully,

Chief Editor,

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine       E.A. Romanenko