Congratulations of the President of the Assembly with the Day of the National Police of Ukraine!

Картинки по запросу з днем національної поліції україни

Dear staff of the National Police of Ukraine!

Congratulations with your professional holiday!
By ensuring the safety of our citizens, the employees of the National Police earned a high praise not only of the country’s leadership, but also of the Ukrainian people.
Your structural units have the potential and are able to confidently control the situation, to prevent the aggravation of the crime situation, to reliably protect the society from criminal encroachments.
I hope that the personnel of the National Police will continue to effectively solve the tasks, taking into account the modern requirements, honor and dignity will serve the Motherland!
On this festive day I sincerely wish you good health, well-being and success in your hard work for the benefit of our Motherland!
Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine               E.O. Romanenko