Congratulations of the Assembly President with the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language!

Без названия

Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate You with the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language!
This festival is an extraordinary opportunity to turn to sources of the nation, to devolve to clings to his spiritual wells, fully comprehend the depth and beauty of the nature of the native words.

Ukrainian language – is one of the world’s beautiful.

Speaking Ukrainian, we plunge into the magic and extraordinary atmosphere.

Today, it happens that the Ukrainian language became a symbol of independence and freedom to choose his path.

Not because the Ukrainian, by its nature – revolutionaries, but because we have highly developed commitment to justice.

Ukraine – polinatsonalna state, along with Ukrainian, it always sounded Russian, and, depending on the region Crimean Tatar, and Romanian, and Polish and many other languages.

We are always ready to dialogue in any language, but also demand respect and not oppress our native language.

Let the life-giving power of the Ukrainian language helps us build a new Ukraine, attach it to the States -economic and intellectual leaders of the planet.

Happiness, good and confident moves by peace, harmony and progress.

President of the Assembly of
doctors of sciences of public administration,
Doctor of science of public administration, Associate Professor,
Academician of International Personnel Academy and
Ukrainian Technological Academy,
Honorary Doctor of the National Institute
Georgia Economic Research,
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                            Y.A. Romanenko